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Turning 16. 14 March 94. commonwealthsec 4/3. Singing remains to be the best thing to do in life. Oreoz rocks on like noone else.
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1st November 07
Thursday, November 01, 20072:30 PM
beautiful sunset.seen at boardwalk.


back from pulau ubin.on the ship (:
put some random pics. too lazy to post them all.
BACK from the chalet!!

A BIG pity it`s over so fast.

too fast.


We woke up early in the morning and all of us met at the MRT station. Everyone met, and we set off. It was a pretty long journey, with bus rides and all. We finally reached the place! Saw qiuying waiting for us at the bustop.We went to help her mum with all the stuff. We settled in very quickly. The bungalow was HUGE. cool. the place`s really cool.

We started the ball rolling by playing WATER BOMBS.
we got all wet! The small backyard was full with water bombs! then the boys played soccer and all. All of us had fun. then qy and i were mopping the floor, acting silly.Then we went CYCLING. A few of them stayed in the hotel though. Then qiuying and I cheered the moody bin2 up by dancing lyk mad people while rebecca and iris laughed their pants off. xD
it was so fun!we biked the whole time, went pass certain dead hospitals, with the windows cracked and all.It was spooky,alright. Shanyi,junwei,JGan claimed that they saw something. Okay,I shan`t scare myself.Shanyi said that its better not to know about things like that. Becca said so too. Qiuying was freaked out and ran off as fast as she could.Nobody dared to take pictures of the houses. We also ventured into a property which has a buddha in it. Everyone was like scared.haha and i had to go w/0 my shoes. My socks were pretty ruined. ^^ xD and i had to be carried.lol.
went back after much biking to return the bikes. Qiuying then did a super somersalt 360degrees! Then we were debating if we should rent bikes overnight.We,the 1/3-ians, as usual,took a long time in decision making.xD we even called back to confirm with the rest. In the end, we did`nt rent the bikes.
We wanted to venture out in the middle of the night but couldnt lol.We BBQ-ed. watched David Copperfield,with everyone remarking on david being yucky. LOL. especially JLim, kept saying that he`s sick. Then we played around with sparkles. Had loads of fun. played ball at the playground.monkeyed around.

At night,the girls were making noise. Bin2 and I couldnt sleep. so we changed places to sleep. lol. In the morning 4am, i woke up. and looked around. Saw gabriel sitting there, not asleep. The rest? KO man. haha. Then we went out for a while and enjoyed the morning air. We were all lazy to wake up to see the sun rise. SIGH. that`s one regretting thing.

By 6, most of us are up. And we started making breakfast! We made lunch the day b4 too!
Surprisingly, the BOYS could cook! the GIRLS were HAHAHA. xDD we`re learning. lol! The whole scene was so hilarious. Andrew,Gabriel and zhisheng were the best cooks around. haha! zhisheng could make the class`s no 1 scramble eggs. Gabriel was teaching us xD
then we decided to go to the beach once everyone is awake. We went, played ball, with sand, had fun! then we decided to go to PULAU UBIN. At first there was another debate. but we went eventually. and we sure didnt regret it! ^^ we went there by ship. Rather interesting ride. About 10 mins later, we were staring at the sign "$2 WHOLE DAY" for the bicycle rental. WOAH.SO CHEAP. So we rented. and went biking! the roads were pretty muddy! and narrow. But it`s all good fun and exciting. :D i was leading for a while, `cos the rest were afraid of dogs. lols. one thing--changi had loads of cats man. weird.

We went to different routes, went down so many wonderful deep slides, trekked. the people who went were qiuying,me,hannah,iris,bin2,rebecca,shanyi,zhisheng and JGan. after some time. WE GOT LOST.haha but I wasn`t afraid at all. xD then slowly found our way out then. Our bikes were muddy,so were we. Iris`s bike gt mud stuck at the wheels and hannah`s slippers got lost inside the mud! haha! 'pao ba hai zi'! xD
Then the uncle had to wash the bikes off when we returned them xD

We went back to the chalet, happy but tired. ^^ Then came complications when we couldnt stay overnight. GAHHH. there goes the chalet. SIGH. we played cards for a while, realised that the chalet was 'haunted', and ran away. Hence, we went to the boardwalk to look at the sunset. Beautiful. Went to have dinner together. By that time, its alrdy 9-plus. Me,sy,gan,yijia and andrew took the bus and mrt first, before bin and the rest. =) we were all pooped and our eyelids were like,heavy.lol. i was kindaf asleep on the train.haha.

So sad its over so fast.

being with you,is bliss. these few days,being with you, every milisecond, i`ll remember forever.no amount of time is enough when we`re together. LUMU.
no words could describe the happiness i feel when im with you.
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