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18 Jan 08
Friday, January 18, 20086:14 PM
Lotsa things happened, and i havent been bloggin!' so here I am now. Brief happenings of happenings. =)

[u] sending feifan off [/u]

It was teary and red-eyed.
Well, we forsakenly didnt go for CCA, and ended up getting ourselves into real trouble.
Have to face the consequences on Monday.
But,who freakin gives a damn.
What's punishment for a friend?

We rushed to the airport in two taxis.
Reached there and a while later,feifan came to find us.
We took the sky train to terminal three.
then took it back to T2.
chatted, and took photos.
and we bonded our last bond,till feifan was timed to go.
we followed him to where his parents were,to check in.

His church friends were all there. as in,his parents' church friends.
feifan's parents were like,crying, touched by the sincerity that surrounds that scene.
everyone then gathered to say prayers.
Then it was really really time to go.
ff's parents then came to us and thanked us from their bottom of their hearts,for coming to see ff off. I could sense the thanks in their voices and the sadness was begginning to sink in.
We`ll miss you,feifan.
Things,are really gonna be different when you`re gone.
feifan's dad even pushed us 50 bucks for taxi fare.
and we refused, but to no avail.

He walks into the departure hall. through those gates.
and waves back at us.
his eyes red.
none of us actually showed it,
but we know,that deep down,
all the feelings of miss,sadness sunk us into an abyss that we cant search about.
And he flew away..


It rocked our socks.
I dont even wanna come back home.
Just wished childishly that I could stay there forever.

we gathered in school,excited.
went up to the hall.
Mr Lim made us unpack,pack,unpack, pack ALL the contents of our luggage.
crazy right!
Luckily alot of us put our clothes in zip-lock bags.
or we would have died.

after silly exercises, we had recess.
went to buy 1.5L water bottle. -_-
and string to tie to the bottle.

Finally,we were on our way to the Labrador Adventure Camp.
everyone was like WHOOO.

We met our instructors for the first time.
They seem pretty nice.
Okay,they are.
and 2/3 is spilt into two teams, Grp 5 & 6
My team`s grp 5.
and our name is THE GAY ABALONE!!

then guess wads the cheer?

If I were an abalone's son,
and if i were to marry.
i would marry and abalone's daughter,
more than anybody.
cos she is GAY,and I am gay,
and we can gay together,
gaying together in the middle of the night,
gaying one another.

YAY. three cheers to us. we rock your balls :D

The first day was mainly bonding activities.
=) blindfolding and all..

Its fun.

Lights off at 11! but we didnt sleep that early.
right above our room. (guy's dorm upstairs of the girls)
and we could hear the stomping on the ceiling.
and what,competition to see who can dont fall asleep the longest.
everyone was half dead by then LOL.

the ABSOLUTE fun day!

Morning,got up at 6.
freshened up and had morning exercise, cheers.
then breakfast.
meals were pretty cool too.
diff classes get to take turns to serve/clean-up.
its like,everyone`s a big family.
Exercise was HILARIOUS.
Our camp chief, Justin,is THE joker man.
haha. he never fails to let everyone be high and laugh. have fun.

We had our LOW ELEMENTS.
Different teamwork activities.
My camp instructor is Diyanah.
a really nice person.
Mahawk walk,the wall...all the climbing here and there.
and we had the labrador HIKE. A tiring but fun adventure. an amazing race.
and surprisingly, we came in SECOND PLACE. some teams didnt finish all the stations. the park was SO huge. and luckily we have good team members. =D
We went through tunnels, hiked up & down, searched for clues..:)
come'on man, we rock you.
and yay i`m leader of the day LOL.
I`m glad everyone could kindaf co-operate properly.
and it happens that they are choosing councillors..
but...eh whatever.
just hope and pray :X



And at night,it acutally rained.
the sound system was brought up to the hall by the instructors,who got wet!><
we had our campfire performance.
which was..acceptable larh.

Anyway,its funfunfun.
and in t end, we actually got a song and guitar by Justin
they lighted it up for us! :) so nice of them.
the fire was colourful!
and so,its a long day.
but an unforgettable one.
kaixin,amanda and I then went to chat till 2 plus. enjoy the camp atmosphere all we can.

PAcking up day, giving out of certs and all.
Everyone was so sad.
things have been so routine already.
I dont even want to leave at all.
Its like,sad sad sad.
when we were leaving.
I Love Camps :D

spending time with you is great.
so much that I cant even let you out of sight for a min now.
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