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Turning 16. 14 March 94. commonwealthsec 4/3. Singing remains to be the best thing to do in life. Oreoz rocks on like noone else.
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Strong Woman
Thursday, April 10, 20084:41 PM

Alcanza Las Atura

hold my hand and soar together. Soar to the skies.

Hmm investiture;s over on Wed, and we practised like mad for it.
On Mon and Tues, we stayed in school till 7 plus just to get everything right.
As excitement builds up, spirits were high.

Emotions flowed freely,as the sec 4s were having the lingering sad feeling of not wanting to leave,and yet glad and satisfied that through the years,they have done their purpose, and made their accomplishment. Not too sad as they walk away.

Sec 3s step up to their new posts, ready for the new challenges that come their way. the world's on their shoulders now,and they're feeling the strain.

Sec 2s, are just innocent angels who just risen up to the confirmed post of being a councillor. Learn to lead,and learn the ropes fast--that's what we have to do. And having so many months of being looked down upon just cos we're sec 2s, we finally got our badges and our status hushed everyone who did look down on us before.

Investiture went very grand and formal,as we changed into our blazers,heels and stockings. We did what we had to do, the proceedures, and ta-da, we're councillors.

At the podium, Rafeek,the president of the 8th student council board, said a touching and impactful speech. gonna put a few quotes here. He gave us a copy of his speech each. I will keep it with me forever,and use it to guide me through my journey.

"This is where I have found my purpose, this is where I have found courage."

"Yet at other times,I encounter dark moments whrereby I am overwhelmed by the prospect of not being good enough,when I believe I have not fufilled my responsibilities as student,leader and son and every time the possibility of failure becomes increasingly real,at these times, I do falter. But then it hits me that in walking those dark tunnels in my journey I would have to light the candle myself. How else,I ask myself,can my people follow when I as their leader cannot see the final objective, the light at the other end."

"A new dawn has brokem,and a new generation of leaders would rise to this great calling and take on the heavy responsibilities and expectations as leaders."

"You carry within you the seeds of our hope.Spread your wings and soar."

"And in times of darkness,just remember this,you would descend like eagles,be swift as the wind and you would stand proud as champions."

"I wish you sunshine,fair winds and my sweet goodbye. May you have the courage to change things that you can, may you have the patience for things you cant, and may you have the wisdom to know the difference."

"For if I have helped the world to grow
In widsom and in grace
Then I feel that I have won
And I have filled my place.
And so I asked your guidance,God
That I have done my part.
For character and confidence
And happiness of heart."

"Alcanza las atura. Ever with the best."

The words are so meaningful can!
I shall take on as much as I could.
Soar to the skies.
And make 08 a great year. I shall (: Believe in myself.

And make good, in no matter What I do.

Hmm. However the fact that nobody cared that I made it into the council board brings my mood down. Oh heck, since when does anyone in my family ever care. Lols.

Tomorrow is Games Day. Finally,a good end to the week. No lessons.
Finally the end of another dreadful week which I must go through.
Sigh. Badminton. I'm so dead.

Ha-ha. Ba-dum-dum.

i'm with you, mua dear, no matter what happens,I'll always he right HERE."
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