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Turning 16. 14 March 94. commonwealthsec 4/3. Singing remains to be the best thing to do in life. Oreoz rocks on like noone else.
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We did it. :D
Friday, July 25, 20089:20 PM
One big family.

Back from Suzhou.
We got GOLD plus catogory winner! And came in 3rd for the GRAND PRIX! :D almost came in 2nd in grand prix and beat an adult choir.

the whole trip was perssured for the competition, but also fun at the same time. we really bonded and became an even closer family.
These few days just flew past so quickly. We were on tenterhooks till the 2nd last day, so it was like, yeah.
We were on the plane going there. Rejected all heaty food. Everyone conserved their voices.

Once there, we checked in and settled down. Saw Nanhua in the hotel. They buaysong us. wtf. (thank god we thrashed them :D )

Then came the day.
We were scared.
Screwed up on stage. did worse than our best.
So afraid. Went back to pray to our costumes. Whole atmosphere solemn.

Next day, went to visit the Panmen gate, the silk factory and Suzhou high school.
Panmen gate was alright. traditional and all.
Silk factory was when everyone gagged at the poor silkworms being killed. just for the silk. They actually kill 500 silkworms just to get ONE silk shirt. Poor things. they just dump the cocoon into boiling water and boil alot at a go.
The school was...wow. everyone's first reaction was like "I want to migrate already" LOL.
Its SUPER big. around 5 times of Hwachong. Damn cool. there's like a room for everything. their study areas and corners are damn cool. the school is the 'harry potter' style. So yeah, you guys can imagine.
In the late afternoon, we performed for the Friendship concert. Did okay, cos we were relaxed.

The next day. the most exciting day. results. We had workshops in the morning, teaching us how to speak latin in order to sing latin songs the correct way. During lunch we were praying so hard and making so many ridiculous promises like "if i get gold, i'll throw 100rmb down the building" and "if we get gold i wont eat fast food for 3months" and "i'll let pearlyn dunk my head in the toilet if we get gold" etcetc. Then the results. Before the announcement, Mr Kuey made a speech. And he was like "in some catogories, no choirs got gold at all. the standard is based on the choir olympics...etc" He was like looking right at us.

We were SO scared. Tears started rolling down my face already. I was so shaken up and Bryson next to me was like also frozen. Amanda on the other side of me was also pale.
As we heard nanhua cheer for themselves, I wanted to cry even more. cos i thought we failed ourselves.
Then when he announced "Commonwealth secondary school choir, Singapore, 83.sth sth. GOLD" we were like all screaming and shouting and crying and cheering uncontrollably. Its like, as if its the whole world to us. I was like shaking with emotions as I let them wreck my body. I was like, sobbing already and Pravin was like "eh siao wan, lose then cry, you win oso cry!" in a joking way and i could only smile back.

went out of the hall, and hugged each other. the joy is so..unspeakable. So real. So pure. Its so hard to explain it but yeah.. its immense and wow.

Thank you, god. for making our prayers come true.

We prepared for the Grand Finals, happy, delirious with joy. We just sang our hearts out during practice. And soon, we're on the stage already.
We came,
We sang,

We did much much better for the grand finals. Mr Kuey even winked at us and stuck out his tongue at us playfully when we were getting ready on stage LOL.

So like that, we thrashed nanhua, got 3rd. almost beat the choir which came in 2nd, which's a damn good choir. :D

tell you all uh, the food SUCKED. we ended up eating Maggie for every meal, buying from their so-called 7-11 everytime. HAHA. And we had so little shopping time wth. And everynight, we campwhore and have fun! in all sorts of different ways. ;D

This experience is really cool. All the emotions, fun, weathering through the hard times, being together, has really brought a great impact to me.
There aint go regrets.
Choir. Love within a great big family.
This experience brought everyone of different backgrounds together at one point in which we all recongnise--singing.
Singing, the thing we live to do.
And every song, comes from the heart and soul, otherwise,it wouldnt be music at all.
On stage, the special connection within the choir, all the way to the conductors eyes and hand movements, we create magic.

And in a blink of an eye, we return to Singapore, proud.

sang, for you.

im blessed. to have you.

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