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Monday, August 11, 20083:55 PM
Jumble fumble fun-ble =)

Ice-skating rink.
Japanese Village (ri ben cun)
Qy's mum treated the few of us to a super ex + good meal.
Nanjing peeps trudging in Bugis.
Xian Lun and Lingwei? Pity xianlun's buddy.
The three organisers who got everything purrfect xD
Eating Local Delights

WAIT.and WAIT. for ungentlemanly guys. who are LATE.
Piggy-back <3
times two!
Traffic Light :D
Qiuying and Jingyi
Nasrul and grace and me

High Emcees.

Hmmm. I've not posted for too long. My packed schedule is gonna do me in and wreck me.haha.

Nanjing people came over. I was dreading it. But it turned out that it wasnt so bad at all! okay, my buddy was worse, but other great people and events made everything..great!

Nanjing Slang:

Chou1--Slap, Chuo1--poke, Chun2 Pu3--innocent, Shu3 fu4--innocent(refering to guys,in this case, Jingyue,according to qy's buddy), Jian1 zha4--cunning,witty. And dont forget the Chinese accent as well :D

We hanged out with them. Pretty cool. On the first night, after a great farewell ceremony which we didnt screw up, all went home to watch the Olympics OC. Very cool.

The next morning, we took a long trek to QianHu fish farm,with hmm,not such a pleasant experience under the burning heat. Then, we went to Bugis, to JalanJalan,shop a lil here and there. Ate lunch too. Qy, Jingyue and I were in 'one team' and the other guys in another, and the other girls in another. We couldnt possibly move in a big group of 40,aye? So hmm, our group did the best! :D If I should say so myself. Guys group did the worst. xD We bought super alot of local delicacies for them, and hmm, they enjoyed it. In the evening, we went to watch 'Mummy and the tomb' or whatever the title is called. Till late. We only left JE at 11? Aye.

Next morning, qy's mum took my buddy and qy's to some historical sites. I stayed in Qy's hse. Jingyue was also with us. In the noon, qy's mum took us out for a superb meal at Ri Ben chun, Japanese village and spent a hefty 166 bucks on the whole meal. hmmm. Then,we took our buddies ice-skating. Fell, skidded, slide. Wow. Super fun. And they really enjoyed it. Went to Vivo to meet the big grp and after the buddies ate their dinner, we sent them back to the resort they were staying at. Nice. And we lost our way. xD Cos its at Labrador, super ulu. We were singing all the way. Finally found it, said our last goodbyes. I loved qy's buddy best. Cute and fun. Her minature eyes and her doll-like face, with every movement so interesting to watch. Will miss her indeed. She left a long letter for qy. And when we saw it, we cried. LOL Daniel's buddy, a guy, cried cos he couldnt bear to leave daniel. HAHA.

Alright, Then once again late in the night, we went to Vivo to take OUR dinner. Then we walked at the deck for awhile and went home.

The whole exchange prog is over, just like that. We've had so much fun together. I'm afraid that the bonds and bridges of friendships will break,(mostly refering to spore buddies) I dont want them to. Haha so the alliance 'NJ grp' has formed. LOL. I'll miss this, alot, and look back at the fond and precious mem'ries that I never wanna forget. The feeling was so carefree, so bonded, so..great. Wow, is all I have to say. I dont know how to say everything out here in words.


NDP 08. Ahaha that was one high moment. Was emcee, and was super high on stage. Loved it when we went down to the audience and threw stuff to them (and AT them, by accident, duh) whoosh its like a whole rush of adrenaline and excitement. Hopping and Dancing on the stage and everything. Acting like a total high freak. All this, not planned at all! Hope that we did bring them joy and the national day spirit. Pretty cool, great experience. Thanks for the chances.


Its back to reality now. And reality sucks. I prefer to sit there and think of my dreams and mem'ries. And what I wanna do.

Homework is piling on top of me. But I dont give a damnnnnnn. :D

Right now, I dont wanna think about anything. Just wanna go back and dive into my Breaking Dawn novel. So sweet, so..beautiful. Wish that was reality. hmmm.

Dreams, are there for you to fufil them.

And I have so many things to do, and so little time. Frustrated.

"what do I look like? Wizard of Oz? You need a brain? you need a heart? Go ahead, take mine. take everything I have"

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